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Opened in 1995 and purchased by Brett in 2013, South Lake Bikes has been proudly serving Southern Lake County with friendly quality service seldom found in large corporate style stores. We welcome all customers with open arms and personable service from our well trained mechanics with access to several premium brands at great prices. 

Proof one is better than two!

We often get asked 'Why use a Lefty fork?' to which we have 3 simple reasons - 1: Lighter 2: Stiffer 3: Just better. 

To help me explain these reasons Cannonade has created the Video we posted below. 

Incase your still skeptical I would just like to say trust me. The fork is fantastic. Its my choice of fork on my current mountain bike and I love it. Its fast, responsive and very stable. After a few minutes and a couple turns on the trails you don't even realize the fork is missing a leg. It feels no different in stability than a normal double sided fork. 

For more information swing by the shop to see one in person and see for yourself what makes Cannonade the leader in Suspension Fork Technology. 

"To give any less than your best is to sacrifice the gift." - Steve Prefontaine